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The Prime Retaining Walls is a specialty firm and one of the leaders in making retaining walls Dallas. Our customers are commercial all-purpose contractors, residential builders, and home possessors. Like a design-construction contractor, we provide retaining walls at the proper cost and range to its clients.


Additionally, we provide site solutions like fine grading, site cleaning, unit cleaning, hardscapes, and slope safety for commercial plans. High-class materials and an out-and-out work culture make us the selection for all stages of stonework.


Actually, we are retaining walls builders and hardscape services provider, not all-purpose, but also the housing or commercial plans.


Our commitment to superiority is so powerful that all work brings a 100% assurance with no termination. Customers can rest simple, certain they are getting outcomes that will be preceding.

Fast Constructability

Over time our team has understood to create one of the best, economical stone retaining walls whereas also keeping up the quickest constructability when evaluated to different retaining wall arrangement.

Plan or create capabilities

We prefer entering into the design procedure prematurely to assist engineers, homeowners, contractors, etc., to crop up with valuable engineering solutions to reduce cost and project range

Up to date equipment

We have deliberately invested in the newest, high-tech tools and artifacts to make sure we are offering the most successful, well-organized and specialized services to our customers.


We are a completely insured firm with the capability of attaining a bond on any building project.

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Probably, the most significant portion and deliberation in proper plan and set up of a retaining wall is to identify that, because of gravity, the substance is moving ahead and downward slanting, which makes sideways earth heaviness at the flipside of the wall.  It relies on the slant of friction and power of the substance amid other products like direction and scale of a faction of the retaining formation.

For all your retaining walls needs.